Thursday, June 21, 2018

Only at Sand Creek . . .

I saw the four sections for the new platform one today - unfortunately, they were neither in place nor put together.  There is a distinct possibility we may not be open on Saturday for anything but high ropes.  Keep praying! 

Down at the high ropes, I have never in my life seen someone as shaky as the young man we had on the "Charlie Chaplin".  He had all the lines moving and his knees were doing double-time. He had to start over twice, but he made it.

Before he got up there, we had the chance to talk.  He was telling me his favorite place to disc golf was Kenwood Trail Middle School.  Never one to pass up an opportunity, I said, "That's where I go to church!  If you're ever there on a Sunday morning and want to stop in for services before golfing, we start at 10:30."  

Seed planting . . .    

Thankful Thursday - There's More!

When I write a "Thankful Thursday" before Thursday, I'm pretty sure that's the best I've got for the week.  This week, God just chose to heap more Thursday blessings on me . . .
  • My first came early this morning at the Y.  As I looked at the lane options, Glenn was my top choice.  He's like in his late 70's, has a crew cut and only swims the sidestroke.  I've known him for years.  I knew could swim with him and come out alive.  Of course, as soon as I popped into the pool, he said he was done.  I said, "Oh, no, Glenn, I told the lifeguards I was swimming with you.  You'll need to do one more lap, or we won't be swimming together."  I took off and sure enough, Glenn did one more lap while I did a couple.  I am thankful for his fun and spontaneity.
  • Jan showed up around 6:30 a.m. in a baseball cap.  Two weeks into chemo for breast cancer she lost all her hair.  We talked a bit.  Then I said, "Jan, I don't know where you stand on prayer, but I am praying for you."  I am thankful that I can share that bit of Jesus with her.
  • At 11 a.m. this morning, we met with Julie at livingWATERS regarding Micah's grad party (it will be held in their fellowship hall next Saturday).  All I could feel was heaps and heaps of grace given to us, surrounded by love, as they freely shared their space with us.  It was amazing . . . we don't attend church there, but Micah has gone to youth group there for three years.  All I could do is say, "Thank you", and smile.
  • Lastly, we found out today that Sam's district has reached a tentative teacher agreement after negotiations yesterday.  It has been a long nasty battle, 356 days without a contract.  Teachers were told to do no unnecessary spending this summer and to look for summer jobs.  We are thankful that rather than a potential strike this fall, there may be a settlement.  Teachers will have to vote, but there is finally hope on the horizon.         
 For this, I am thankful.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thankful Thursday!

Is coming right at you with three more hours left to this Wednesday!  It is with a most thankful heart that I want to tell you what our friends have done . . .

My PMR (polymyalgial rheumatic) is not doing what I want it to do - mainly healing and going far, far away!  So after a long conversation with Sam on Sunday, we decided that I would use "Sign Up Genius" to see if some of our friends would be available to help with Micah's graduation party on June 30.

I cannot tell you how blessed and thankful we are that . . .
  • Neighbors Jill (plus one!) and Nancy, along with friend, Cindy, are going to help us decorate the church.  They're all far taller than I am - it's going to be great!
  • Dear friends Jana and Heidi have offered to take care of the food the very first hour;
  • With long time friends (think early '80's) Julie and Sue taking care of food the second hour;
  • Neighbors Nancy and Mary have agreed to taking care of the food the last hour - even after I accused them them of taking that slot so that they could eat all that they wanted and save me from having to bring anything home;
  • Friends JP and Rosemary (met JP in 1980!) and Ann and Mike (met Ann in 1982!) are going to stay and help us clean up.
I am feeling beyond blessed and fortunate and NOT at all stressed out!  Indeed, it is a most Thankful Thursday!

"Friends, I believe in you,
Think of you,
And pray for you.
And when another day is through,
I'll still be friends with YOU!"
(Eagle Lake Camp 1985) 

Sharing Mercy . . .

While coming out of the woods with Annie this morning, I ran into our neighbor, Stan.  He said, "You're not on the ship this summer!"  I replied (oh, tell me what was I thinking?), "You're not with your wife this morning!"  Yikes!  That could have really blown up in my face . . .

Fortunately, he was with his daughter, Emily, whom I had not yet met and who just happened to be a nurse.  They let me walk up the hill with them and share stories from the good ship Mercy.  What a pleasant morning!  And maybe someday, Emily . . . 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Only at Sand Creek . . .

Can your shoes look just like those!

These are the guys working on rebuilding platform 1 in a whole new location, be it still on top of the hill!  I'm actually quite excited!  The new platform is going to go out over the cliff.  I can only imagine how challenging it may be for people to be suspended over nothing and prepare to zip! I'm looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we had a lovely father-daughter team this afternoon who did quite well on the high ropes.  I'll be back out tomorrow to see progress (we're hoping!) and to see a new group conquer the high ropes . . .

Monday, June 18, 2018

Grad Dog . . .

Yeah, most people have a guard dog.
We, my friends, have a grad dog.

 Party on!


Like literally!  Two hours before I was suppose to go to work today, I got a text saying that the cliff under our first platform at Sand Creek washed away compliments of all the rain we've been having!  Like gone!

Staff are currently in the process of moving and rebuilding platform 1.  If you're praying, would you pray for wisdom and safety for those involved in the process?  I'm going out tomorrow to work high ropes and I'll have a better idea then . . .